Three Types of Bail Bonds to Help You During an Emergency

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Everyone knows that bad things can happen when we least expect it and the only thing you can really do is be prepared. By searching for bail bonds Fort Walton FL get advice on what to do when you need a bail bond and get any questions answered on how it all works. By understanding how bonds work, you will be able to contact them immediately after your arrest without any doubt on how to reach them or if you will be able to receive help from them. If you lack the knowledge of the bail bond system, it will be more difficult to understand the process and the different types of bonds you can choose from.

Cash Bonds

A cash bond is for a defendant who is looking to pay their bail with cash only. After the defendant has completed their probation or program, the money will then be returned to them. Although this type of bond is the last resort for some, other options should always be checked out first in case something was to happen during probation. If you are to violate your probation or bail conditions, you will not get your money back and you could possibly lose out on thousands of dollars, depending on how much you had to pay for your cash bond.

Unsecured Bond

If you have no funds to make cash bail, or property to put up in the amount of what your bail is for, sometimes an unsecured bond is needed. An unsecured bond is when you are released on bail with no money given up front. On your bond, it will state the amount you are basically being loaned to be released. If you break your bail or violate probation, you will then owe the amount stated. Although this seems like an easy way out for most, it is not beneficial for anyone expressing any doubts about being able to complete their probation/program.

Federal Bond

Federal bonds are not as common as other types but are most definitely beneficial to any defendant facing federal charges. Federal crimes consist of embezzlement, kidnapping, tax evasion, and bank robbery. Although these types of bonds are more expensive than your average cash or unsecured bond, they are very beneficial for defendants facing these charges. It will give them more time to be out in the community to prove to the courts they can act accordingly in society by having a job and staying away from any new criminal charges.

Now that you know the different bail bond options, you will easily be able to acquire all the information needed to help you get released from jail if need be. Although no bail is guaranteed, it is worth obtaining the information on the process in case one day it is needed for either you or a loved one. No one wants to sit in jail awaiting their court arraignment when they could have been released months back just by contacting a bail bondsmen to be released back into the community.


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