Seeking The Release Of Someone From Jail

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If you know someone who is in jail, there are options available to have that person released before the court date that has been scheduled. One option is to contact a bail bonds agent. This is a person who will take a percentage of the amount ordered by the court and sign the paperwork to have the person released. If the defendant does not go to court on the set date, then an arrest warrant can be issued. 

After the defendant is arrested, an officer will take a mug shot and fingerprints of the person. This information is stored in the court’s computer system. Most of the time, the person will meet with a judge or magistrate to find out if a bail amount can be posted. Some crimes aren’t eligible for bail while others have a higher amount than a minor crime. When you talk to any 24/7 bail bonds Grover Beach CA agents, you need to deliver all of the information that you have about the bail amount and the crime that the person was charged with as some agents won’t assist with certain crimes. Information about the location of the jail and where the person lives will also be needed. After these details are gathered and you have paid the requested percentage of the bail amount, which is usually about 10 to 15 percent, the agent will go to the jail to sign for the release of the defendant. 

Keep in mind that the freedom associated with bail is only temporary in some situations. The defendant could go to court and learn that more jail time is required due to the crime committed. However, there are also situations when a person might be sentenced to probation and not have to spend more time in jail at all. Use the time available after the person is released on bail to find an attorney who can help with the case. You are also responsible for the bail that you sign. If the person doesn’t go to court, then you could be held responsible for the entire bond amount. Some agents will return the money or collateral that you pay after the defendant goes to court, but in most situations, you won’t see the money again. If the person doesn’t show up for court, the agent will also be responsible for the entire amount of the bond, which is why agents are often very careful about signing for someone’s release. 

Before making a final decision about the agent you want to use, contact a few different agencies to find out which one is the least expensive and which one is willing to offer the most assistance for your situation. You also need to find out about payment options and if the agent will accept any type of collateral instead of cash or a debit card in the event that you don’t have enough money to pay for the release. Once all of the documents are signed by the agent, then the person is released until the court date.


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