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In micro-enterprise, you benefit from the VAT-based franchise that is to say that you do not have to invoice it to your customers and therefore you do not have to pay it back to the State. On your invoices must be mentioned “VAT not applicable, article 293 B of the General Tax Code“. But a micro-entrepreneur can become subject to VAT if it exceeds the turnover thresholds.

  • VAT deductible thresholds

For the provision of services (craftsmen and liberal professions), the VAT exemption threshold is € 34,400 excluding VAT.

For the purchase and sale of goods (traders), this threshold is € 85,800 excluding tax.

  • The tolerance thresholds

However, there are tolerance thresholds that allow you to continue to benefit from the VAT exemption even if you exceed the thresholds indicated above. This is provided of course, to respect the conditions that apply. The VAT-based franchise is maintained for the year in which you exceeded the threshold if the turnover does not exceed:

  • € 94,300 for shopping and accommodation activities,
  • € 36,500 for the provision of services,

This is only valid for one year. If you exceed the tolerance threshold the following year, you will have to charge VAT to your customers and you will now be subject to the simplified VAT regime.

Of course, even if you do not exceed the thresholds, you can still opt for the simplified real scheme or the normal real scheme. Warning, these thresholds remain unchanged when the 1st year of operation, any proportion is to apply. In case of the use of business calculator you will be able to track it all.

VAT ceiling

  • Exceeding the VAT ceiling, what to do?

Each company affiliated to VAT has an intra-community VAT number .To obtain it, contact the business tax service (SIE). This number is one of the mandatory information to appear on your invoices.

  • What changes to bill?

You become subject to VAT from the first day of the excess. Therefore, it is necessary to apply VAT on your invoices.

The application of VAT allows you in return to recover the deductible VAT on your purchase invoices from this same date.

  • Example

if April 15 you cash income which exceed the authorized ceiling of VAT, you must change your bills that have been edited since 1 st April and apply VAT. You must therefore send corrective invoices to your customers for all operations carried out from the month of overrun.

On the other hand, invoices collected in May corresponding to invoices issued before April without VAT should not be modified.

  • How to declare and pay your VAT?

In simplified real regime, VAT is declared each year at the latest, 2 e business day after the 1 st May for companies whose financial year is the calendar year.

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