Are There Better Places To Sell Silver Coins Than Pawn Shops?

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If you have silver coins, gold coins, or even scrap metal you should always hang onto them for a time you need to sell. When that time will be can be found by looking at where the price of silver or gold is in the NYSE, and then doing a search for offers. Usually one of the first places people look to sell their silver or gold is at a pawn shop, and in some cases it might be the best place to do it. But there is still a chance you could get better deals for selling any silver coins in colorado

The Pros Of Selling Silver Coins At Pawn Shops 

Pawn shops aren’t the worst places to sell gold and silver coins for cash. There have been many scams aimed at tricking people into selling their silver quickly for cash whether they’ve been big letter “We Buy Gold” stores, TV ads or websites claiming to give cash for silver or gold. These places either give almost nothing for what precious metals are worth, or in some cases you send your silver in and get nothing at all. Pawn shops in general will usually give you a more fair deal on silver coins, and usually you can still get cash pretty quickly. Not to mention pawn shops can be found all over the country in both big cities and small towns. 

The Bad News About Pawn Shops 

Even though you’re always going to get something for your silver coins at a pawn shop, and it could even be more than what other jewelers or buyers are offering, you could still get significantly less than you should. Not to mention pawn shops don’t always give the best or most accurate appraisal of the weight or value of your silver coins, which is something you should always have done when you want to sell. For these reasons, it’s good to look at some pawn shop alternatives if you can. 

Other Places You Can Check Out For Selling Silver 

There’s several places you can take silver coins to sell other than pawn shops that are listed here. One place that people who buy silver often take it to is a smelter where coins or bars will be melted. If there’s a smelter nearby you and you have a large quantity, you could sell directly to them. You also might want to look up a coin dealer to see if there’s any nearby because while they won’t pay you full value for your coins, they’ll usually pay significantly more than pawn shops. Places you may be able to get near full value for your coins could be coin shows or online auction places. 

In conclusion, if you have a reputable pawn broker nearby and you’ve done the proper research on your silver, you might do well selling gold coins there. But if you know you have a high-priced set of bullion and you really want to get a top dollar amount for it, it’s more than worth the effort to find a rare coins dealing place to sell it. To get the best deal, you should definitely educate yourself on the pure weight of gold and its properties.

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