All you Need To Know About A Bail Bond, How Does It Work?

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You probably might have heard that a person you know has been released on bail. However, most people do not know what that means, and if there is a difference between bail and a bail bond. If for instance a person is arrested for issues relating to crime, they are usually kept in remand until they are arraigned in court. Once in court, the judge may either nullify the case if there is not enough evidence supporting it or release the suspects on bail. But what exactly does bail mean

Bail is simply the sum of money that the defendant is required to pay as assurance that they are going to comply with the court orders once they are temporarily released. But since bail can at times be huge sums of money, not every person is able to pay, and some of them may have to look for a bail agent. Court bail bond paradise nv is usually provided by a bail bondsman to help the defendant get a temporary release from jail. Bail bonds are available in two different forms. These include civil bail bond and criminal bail bond, used in civil and criminal cases respectively. Once you are arraigned in court and the judge sets a certain amount as bail, you can seek the services of a bail bondsman if you are not able to raise the amount. So how exactly do bail bonds work? 

If for instance person A was arrested and the court requires the person to pay $10,000 as bail for them to be temporarily released, person A may not have the money at the moment and he or she decides to seek help from a bail bondsman. The bail bondsman will then post a bail bond, but before posting it, he will require 10% of the bail amount, i.e. $1,000. The remaining amount will be secured through collateral from person A or his family. This collateral can be a car, jewelry or even a house. If person A appears in court on the agreed date, he will get the $9000 back, and the bail bondsman retains the $1,000 as profit for the services. However, there are cases where person A will fail to appear in court. In this case, it is the bail bondsman who is liable to pay the court $9,000, paid through the collateral. 

What you need to know is that bail bonds can be dangerous. This is because if the defendant does not appear in court as agreed, the bail bondsman will be the one to pay the court. Bail bonds are also not allowed in all States. The main role of the bail bondsman is to help in posting the bond and also offer advice depending on the situation you are in. Bail bond companies should be able to offer 24 hour bail bonds regardless of the charges. They should also be in a position to advise you if you do not know the type of collateral that you have to give.


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